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What is detoxification and why is it important?
Detoxify or disintoxicate means eliminating toxic or harmful substances from the body. Toxins are waste elements that may arise from environment (ex. Polluted air), from our body, from nutrients, from drugs, and our body is able to eliminate them through the excretory organs, among which the most important is the liver.

A good state of health of the liver is essential for the maintenance of the whole organism. The main functions are as follows:

Produces bile, useful to emulsify fats and enable their absorption from the gut.

It is responsible for the synthesis of triglycerides and gluconeogenesis, which is the glucose production, essential to nourish cells of human body.

Other essential function of liver: during the first 3 month of pregnancy, it produces red blood cells in the fetus, waiting for the complete development of bone marrow.

Detoxifies the body and, through kidneys, ensures disposal of waste products produced by our metabolism.

The liver is a gland, therefore is part of the endocrine system that oversees the hormone production.

Fundamental for the immune system thanks to its cells able to neutralize toxicsubstances, as drugs residues, and specialized in recognition of pathogens.

It is responsible for the synthesis of cholesterol, that is often referred to as bad, but which in fact, in the quantities produced by a healthy liver, is essential to the life of body’s cells.

To detoxify the body

Follow a detox diet, which aims to purify the body from all toxins accumulated over time, preferring foods rich in water, fiber, vitamins, mineral salts and antioxidants, like vegetables and fruit


Practice a light physical activity


Reduce psychological stress, by dedicating time to wellness, such as long walks or any activity that makes you feel good

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4 caps/d, twice a day – morning and night, before main meals

Thanks to the Desmodium content, Desmovit® may be useful in assisting the liver in performing its precious activity, helping it to restore the physiological performance. It can be used by Doctors in case of:
Stati di infiammazione e insufficienza epatica

Hepatic insufficiency or inflammation

Terapie anti-allergiche

Antiallergic therapies

Equilibrio acido-basico dell’organismo

Acid-base balance of the body

Terapie invasive

Invasive pharmacological therapies